Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming Soon: Fabric Gift Wraps for WEDDINGS!

I've been wanting to offer fabric gift wraps for weddings and bridal showers for quite some time now, but the challenge was in finding the appropriate fabric. Weddings are one of those occasions where people tend to put a little more effort into having a nicely wrapped gift than say, birthdays or Christmas. To be honest, I'm not entirely certain what the reason behind this phenomenon is since the bride and groom tend to be a little distracted by the whole getting married thing ~ maybe it's because nobody wants to be "that guy" who has a gift wrapped in old newspaper being displayed throughout the entire reception among all the nice, aesthetically pleasing, store-wrapped gifts. 

Whatever the reason, it seemed like if I could find the right fabric, these could be a big hit and maybe even turn people on to my fabric gift wraps for other occasions, too. The problem was that my normal go-to fabric thus far has been fun cotton prints. Wedding-appropriate cotton prints are remarkably difficult to find, and even if I could find them, they would probably be white, and white cotton is pretty much completely see-through - obviously not ideal for gift wrapping. I'd have to do a lining, which would mean extra fabric and extra work, considerably raising the price relative to my other wraps.

And then... I had an idea...


It's perfect. It comes in beautiful shiny white and silver brocades, pretty patterns that are so nice for weddings. AND, best of all, it's nice and thick, so even if it's the whitest white, it still won't be see-through. Bingo!

I was passing by a fabric store while I was out and about this weekend, and popped in to see if they had what I was looking for, and I found these two.

One is a shiny white satin brocade with a medallion pattern. The other is a lighter satin in gorgeous pale lavender with floral vines. Here's a closer look. Aren't they just lovely? 

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  1. Oooo I love that lavender! I hope people give me fun fabric-wrapped gifts at my wedding!


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